Running with Purpose: Empowering Change for Sickle Cell Awareness with Pryml

As the year draws to a close, many of us are preparing to set our New Year's resolutions. However, despite all the hope and optimism, we at Pryml would like to end the year by shedding light on an issue that deserves greater attention- sickle cell disease

Recently, we were approached by an advocate for change named Kel, who, with his friend Dylan Thompson, were teaming up to raise money and bring more awareness and understanding of sickle cell disorder and why it's a conversation that needs to come to the forefront more often. 
After speaking with Kel and Dylan, we realised the significance of understanding how this disease affects people daily. The main point we took away from this conversation was that as a company must do more than passively raise awareness.
The result of this was some vibrant and personable t-shirts created for Kel and Dylan to wear while taking part in the half marathon and decked out in weighted body armour to increase the intensity of the run. Talk about an impressive display of pushing one's limits while advocating.
Here is what Kel had to say about his personal journey with advocating.
"I am doing this in aid of my nephew Gracen, who has Sickle cell, which means he is in and out of hospital constantly and will be for a large majority of his life."
"I came to Pryml specifically because I have personally bought from them in the past and have engaged in a similar request for a different charity event last year and they have always provided the quality I want. There is the added bonus that i get to support such a successful up and coming black owned business that supports other business coming through."
Now, let us dive into why this conversation is important. 
Sickle cell disease is a life-threatening blood disorder that affects red blood cell development, leading to most individuals suffering and dealing with extreme pain daily. Alongside this daily struggle, many with sickle cell often face complications such as strokes, blindness, and organ failure. 
Unfortunately, the disease disproportionately affects people of black African and Caribbean descent. Furthermore, only half of the blood transfusions given to those with sickle cell disease are a perfect match. 
The picture becomes bleaker when we bring this conversation to those of black heritage. Across the UK, there is a consistent shortage of black heritage blood donors. These are the communities where the NHS needs more donations to increase the number of blood donors with well-matched blood to help those with sickle cell disorder.
As Kel and Dylan demonstrated from participating in this challenge, motivation and empathy can take us a long way. Which brings us to what this collaboration means for us.
At Pryml, we believe in embracing growth and diversity. We do not limit ourselves to a certain category or niche, as we understand the importance of using our platform to engage in meaningful conversations.
We firmly believe that fashion should not be confined to boundaries. Instead, it can be a powerful tool to keep important discussions alive, make a positive impact, and support those in need in the best way possible.
It is not just about what you wear. It is about what you stand for.

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